Ontario Summer Leadership Camp

Year round - Head Office (905) 841-1314x26 After June 15 - Camp Office (705) 342-7345 200 Shebeshekong Road, Carling, Ontario

Why a Leadership Camp?

Hidden Bay Leadership Camp: where Leadership and Character become a way of life

Small by design, our camp has a unique approach to leadership. We create an environment of trust, by first building positive relationships between campers. These connections allow for campers to feel safe to discuss topics, reflect on their goals and recognize others’ achievements. They know that their voice is being heard; their ideas listened to.

Campers become facilitators of change in their own lives. We create responsibility in youth by guiding them to self-monitor around expectations, rather than rules. These skills prepare our campers to confidently conduct themselves in a courteous, respectful and responsible manner not only at camp, but also at home and at school.

Know that your child will come home with a new view on life.

What is Leadership?

How does Hidden Bay approach developing leadership skills in campers?

Today’s youth and children need opportunities to develop a positive sense of their self worth, well being and potential.

At Hidden Bay our desired outcome for each camper is the development of character and leadership ability. We focus on activities as a means of developing attitudes, knowledge and skills that will enable each one to confidently conduct themselves in a courteous, respectful, responsible and confident manner not only at camp but also at home and at school.

Everything we do encourages each camper to –

  • Think for themselves
  • Make good choices
  • Set goals
  • Make plans
  • Problem solve
  • Take responsibility
  • Experience success and celebrate the success of others

Our FOCUS is on – developing leaders, and instilling the importance of values and character.

GOAL-ORIENTED: personal goals are set by campers to ensure a unique experience for each individual

ROLE MODELLING – staff provide a positive influence and role model behaviours

GROWTH is achieved through goal setting, and responsible risk taking

Hidden Bay generates a positive, esteem building environment using the Future Aces Creed. Campers are recognized, and recognize others, on a daily basis using “Caught you doing something good”. In this way, they are encouraged to develop healthy relationships with their peers and Counselors, to respect each other, and during our reflective “pond time”, to be comfortable in acknowledging and verbalizing their feelings.


Although our leadership training program includes the traditional Leadership in Training (LIT) and Counselor in Training (CIT) programs, Hidden Bay begins to focus on setting and attaining goals and the development of leadership qualities and skills with even the youngest camper. Therefore, the quality of our leadership staff and their commitment to our goals are critical. Staff must exemplify those qualities we desire to see in our campers.


Our Awards Ceremony on the last day of camp is when we recognize campers, not for competitive activity, but for the personal achievement of goals and the development of leadership qualities