Ontario Summer Leadership Camp

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Parents FAQ

What is the hiring process of staff?

The camper to staff ratio at Hidden Bay is 3:1.

We hire staff who can demonstrate that they are reliable, have experience with, a love for, and an understanding of children and youth. Our Senior Counsellors are at least 18 years of age, and they are complimented by Junior Counsellors who are 17 years of age.

The quality of our leadership staff and their commitment to our vision, mission and corporate goals is critical. Staff must exemplify those qualities that we desire to see in our campers.

Counsellors participate in professional development training during the year and in an intensive week of pre camp training. Our training emphasis is on health and safety, appropriate child guidance, planning exciting programming, and developing strategies to promote good character and excellent leadership skills. We also send staff to certification courses and workshops to ensure that they are well prepared to provide activities where fun is balanced with safety, learning and the building of positive relationships.

All staff are thoroughly screened with a personal interview, references and police clearance. In addition to bringing experience and skills, they are also trained in first aid and CPR.

Is there anything that makes Hidden Bay different from other camps?

First, Hidden Bay has a maximum of 40 campers, and a camper to staff ratio of 3:1. Our small camp population ensures that each child receives individual attention and care. A family-like environment encourages the building of relationships and ensures that no child gets “lost in the crowd”.

Secondly. Hidden Bay offers a unique 5 day – 4 night experience, ideal for first time campers. A bus picks up the children on Monday morning and returns them Friday afternoon, allowing them to enjoy an introduction to a full camp program and still be home on the weekend with mom and dad.

Thirdly. Hidden Bay provides a leadership program that begins with the youngest camper (8 years) and builds on that experience until the camper qualifies for LIT and CIT and eventually employment at our camp.

Fourthly, we pride ourselves on providing an environment that promotes courtesy, respect, responsibility and the development of confidence (CRRC). There is zero tolerance for any violent behaviour.

Will my child be safe?

Safety is our first consideration in everything we do. We have a plan of action to deal with emergencies and we regularly practice emergency procedures with both campers and staff.

Hidden Bay is only 15 minutes by paved roads to medical clinics and a modern, well-equipped hospital in Parry Sound. We have arranged for a local doctor to be on call for the needs of campers and staff.

Will my child find this a happy, successful experience?

Your camper is supervised by experienced and trained program staff. Each one has a heart for bringing out the best in children and youth. Our 3:1 camper to staff ratio ensures that each camper, from the beginner to the experienced, receives the encouragement and support they require to make new friends and experience success in their daily activities.

How long has Hidden Bay been in business?

Hidden Bay was opened in the summer of 2000. It is a division of York Professional Care and Education Inc., a non-profit organization with charitable status, established in 1986. It is a multi service agency providing childcare centres, before and after school programs, licensed home childcare, literacy programs, day camp, and adult community training.

Who sets the standards for Hidden Bay?

Hidden Bay is accredited by the Ontario Camping Association, ensuring that it meets or exceeds the standards set for staffing, health, waterfront safety and more. Further, we comply with the requirements of Public Health, the Fire Department and Building Code.

What if my child has allergies and is on medication?

When you complete your child’s application, it is critical that you inform us of those allergies and list the meds. Food allergies are listed with the Cook, and the meds are kept in the Director’s Cabin and Wellness Centre. When the campers go for their medications, they are supervised by the Director. All staff are certified in first aid and CPR, including the Director, who also attends the OCA Camp Health Workshop annually.

What if my child doesn’t like the food?

Our cook is trained and experienced in preparing ‘kids’ favorite meals. After a busy day of activities, when campers and their new found friends gather in the dining room, or around the campfire, or go on a canoe trip, it is most unusual for them not to find something that they will enjoy eating! Salad or carrot sticks and celery and bread are always available at every meal.

More questions? Please call us at 905 841 1314×26

Parent Testimonials

Keep doing what you are doing – its works!!

We recommend Hidden Bay because it is a positive, uplifting, welcoming environment for all children.

The positive experience he had and the growth he experienced. Also important is that there were no surprises – everything was as described on your website and discussed with the Director.

My son came back absolutely happy. He was talking every day about camp afterward.

Small number of campers, good ratio of counsellors to campers, plenty of great activities to experience, my picky eater daughter loved the food!!!

My son has grown as a person – more confident, takes responsibilty for himself and others, he wants to set goals and achieve them, he was part of a team and most importantly he is more tolerant and patient of others whom are different than himself.

My Children had Fun! They gained some independence and seemed to really enjoy being away from home by themselves.

My children absolutely loved their camp experience! They really enjoyed the positive atmosphere that the camp offered. My son, in particular, benefitted with a great confidence boost as a result of being chosen to receive the CRRC award at the end of the week.

Both our children come home from Hidden Bay with increased self confidence, new leadership abilities, increased positive attitude, mostimportantly, the belief in themselves that they are capable, worthy people.

Great activities, great location and facilities, great friendships, great counsellors, great program!

My children both enjoy the small size of the camp, the camraderie and the CRRC program.

My daughter came home more confident, and she was proud of the certificate and Future Ace Alerts!

Great setting, great goal setting and your child comes back with a more positive outlook.

I liked the camper to counsellor ratio; that it is associated with York Professional Care and Education; that when I called with questions, they were handled quickly and people were friendly and not put off by my concerns and questions about staff quality and camp safety.

Hidden Bay Rocks!

It is wonderful to have outside influences reinforce the values we teach at home.

Great experience! I’d recommend it to others.

It was an experience that helped him mature and build relationships outside of the home and overcome fears.

My child is difficult to please and does not fit well in structured environments. The simple fact that he came back happy and excited about the camp says a lot!