Ontario Summer Leadership Camp

Year round - Head Office (905) 841-1314x26 After June 15 - Camp Office (705) 342-7345 200 Shebeshekong Road, Carling, Ontario


Campers have an opportunity to participate in 4 activities each day.

FOCUS Activities

Campers can choose from canoeing, kayaking, swimming, arts and crafts, or archery. They will follow that activity for 3 consecutive days, in order to build their skills in that area.

Open Activities

Each day, campers can choose from all the land, water and artistic activities. They choose one for the morning, and one for the afternoon.They can choose a wide variety each day, or stick to the ones that they really enjoy.

What Campers say….

What is the best part about the activities at camp?

  • We got to make our own choices of what we wanted to do.
  • The counselors were always just so fun, and made everyone happy and comfortable to be there.


Discover our beautiful waterfront; you will leave camp a better swimmer!

  • Learn skills towards your swimming levels
  • Improve your various strokes
  • Play games that build your strength and skills
  • Have fun at free swim
  • Jump and dive off the floating rafts
  • Enjoy freshie dip every morning

What campers say:

  • The counselors made it really fun to be swimming and the games they chose made me laugh.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Enjoy canoeing and kayaking and develop your skills.

  • Earn your HBLC boating levels
  • Learn new techniques
  • Have fun learning rescue skills
  • Join our Early Risers Boating Club
  • Participate in our half or full day trips down the lake!

What campers say:

  • Canoeing and Kayaking – I like going out on the water and practicing a skill that I don’t get to do anywhere else.

Sports and Games

Learn new ways to play some of your favorite sports and camp games!

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Frisbee
  • Football (no touch)
  • Capture the flag
  • Fenderball
  • Larry, Curly and Moe


Learn to use your ideas to create stage masterpieces!

  • Learn improve techniques
  • Create skits
  • Participate in Theatre Sports
  • Help organize our sessional Talent Show

What campers say:

  • I like Drama because it feels like you can express yourself and the games just make you smile ; you get to know the person because you have to interact in Drama

Low Ropes and Initiatives

Use your leadership abilities to problem solve and become part of the team!

  • Teamwork focused
  • Challenging
  • Learn to take initiative
  • Discover many leadership types

What campers say:

  • Low ropes made us learn to work as a team which helped me to make friends and get to know everybody better; Low ropes was challenging and fun!

Arts and Crafts

Your ideas of beauty and art are encouraged; transform the weekly project into your very own creation!

  • Build bird houses
  • Take home a new pillow
  • Tye dye – you won’t want to go home with any white clothes!
  • Bracelets – gimp, embroidery floss, hemp
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Knitting
  • Fleece Wear

What campers say:

  • Arts and Crafts had a very relaxed atmosphere and was great fun to take part in because we did something different every time!

Eco Adventures

Discover nature’s hidden secrets and useful outdoor skills too!

  • Learn about a variety of bird species including the Great Heron
  • Enjoy our surrounding bog and all of it’s beautiful vegetation
  • Become a master of identification; insects, trees, animal prints
  • Visit and become familiar with a beaver’s lifestyle and habitat


Take aim and learn how to harness your strength!

What campers say:

  • My favorite activity was Archery because you really have a goal in it. By setting it you can achieve a lot and it feels GREAT!