Ontario Summer Leadership Camp

Year round - Head Office (905) 841-1314x26 After June 15 - Camp Office (705) 342-7345 200 Shebeshekong Road, Carling, Ontario


I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic week that my children spent at your camp. They can’t stop talking about all of the amazing experiences that they had, and they have both asked me many times if they can go back next year. You have a great group of people working there!! He was especially proud of the award he was given!


Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the wonderful camp experience that [our child] had
last week. He said it was totally awesome!!! He really connected with all of the counsellors, said the food was “top notch” and he said he should “continue his leadership ways.” Please convey our thanks and compliments to the entire staff. We were very impressed with the whole program and will definitely be sending our child back next year!


I want to thank you for hosting our children in such a wonderful way. They had a great time and learned so may things. We, as parents, were every please we took the right decision to have our children in HBLC. I personally love that is it not just an ordinary camp. It teaches how to relate better to each other and to their environment in a respectful way. My child made me promise that he would go next year.


HBLC is a magical place… period. Not only am I certain that my child enjoyed her time there, but she had never felt so welcomed supported and loved. The staff are nothing short of amazing, and the campers are incredible young beings.


Keep doing what you are doing – its works!!


We recommend Hidden Bay because it is a positive, uplifting, welcoming environment for all children.


The positive experience he had and the growth he experienced. Also important is that there were no surprises – everything was as described on your website and discussed with the Director.


My son came back absolutely happy. He was talking every day about camp afterward.


Small number of campers, good ratio of counsellors to campers, plenty of great activities to experience, my picky eater daughter loved the food!!!


My son has grown as a person – more confident, takes responsibilty for himself and others, he wants to set goals and achieve them, he was part of a team and most importantly he is more tolerant and patient of others whom are different than himself.


My Children had Fun! They gained some independence and seemed to really enjoy being away from home by themselves.


My children absolutely loved their camp experience! They really enjoyed the positive atmosphere that the camp offered. My son, in particular, benefitted with a great confidence boost as a result of being chosen to receive the CRRC award at the end of the week.


Both our children come home from Hidden Bay with increased self confidence, new leadership abilities, increased positive attitude, mostimportantly, the belief in themselves that they are capable, worthy people.


Great activities, great location and facilities, great friendships, great counsellors, great program!


My children both enjoy the small size of the camp, the camraderie and the CRRC program.


My daughter came home more confident, and she was proud of the certificate and Future Ace Alerts!


Great setting, great goal setting and your child comes back with a more positive outlook.


I liked the camper to counsellor ratio; that it is associated with York Professional Care and Education; that when I called with questions, they were handled quickly and people were friendly and not put off by my concerns and questions about staff quality and camp safety.


Hidden Bay Rocks!


It is wonderful to have outside influences reinforce the values we teach at home.


Great experience! I’d recommend it to others.


It was an experience that helped him mature and build relationships outside of the home and overcome fears.


My child is difficult to please and does not fit well in structured environments. The simple fact that he came back happy and excited about the camp says a lot!


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